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    На основании федерального закона 214-ФЗ от 29 июля 2017 с 01.01.2022 года курортный сбор, в стоимость номера не входит. Оплачивается отдельно. 30 рублей в сутки с человека.

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      About our hotel

      Staying in the Royal Cat Boutique Hotel will make
      your vacation perfect.

      Each room is a creative, luxury, exclusive space for having a good time. Spacious bright rooms have their own style and identity. Our hotel have mixed elements of classic and modern decor which creates here a special atmosphere. You won’t find it anywhere else!

      You’ll be warmly and friendly welcomed in the hotel. Our staff speaks two languages. We are always ready to share with you a deep knowledge of the history and picturesque locations. We’ll help you to find out more about the city and local traditions.

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      The Royal Cat Boutique Hotel is situated at the seaside with a breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery. The ecology here is exceptional. There are groves of pitsunda pines and clean Black Sea air.

      Every detail surrounding our guests is made for the comfortable staying in our hotel. It’ll be perfect for those who want to get some rest in a relaxing atmosphere.


      You don’t have to waste your time on meaningless searches. All you need is within walking distance.

      Modern and developed infrastructure of the hotel makes it all comfortable and convenient. There are two types of beaches located 200 meters away from the hotel. It’s up to you which beach you prefer: sandy or stone (small pebbles). Premium beaches near Kempinski hotel and Seven Seas are available for our guests. There is a buffet with homemade cooked food, Magnit and Magnet Cosmetic stores, Lady Marmalade restaurant where you can take food and coffee to go.

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      From the window in your room you’ll be able to see the Church of St. George the Victorious. There is a huge variety of restaurants located near the hotel. You’ll find restaurants "Sicily", "Di Greco", "Pier 93", "San Michel", "Black Star Burger", vegetarian food and Greek cuisine. After a meal you can go to nearby stores and do some shopping or go for a walk near the Greek style fountain surrounded with rotundas.

      If you are not in a mood to get out of the hotel, it doesn’t matter. There is a swimming pool with loungers, bar area. Moreover, you can order a hookah. You can rent towels and order a takeaway from the Edison restaurant. We have playground for your children right by the pool. You will have some time for your rest while children are on your sight.

      Everyone needs a decent rest. Especially at the Royal Cat boutique hotel.

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      The Royal Cat Boutique Hotel is a place where you will be always welcomed.

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